Lucky Nails & Spa - Skin Care
Thank you for your interest in our skin care services. 
Please call Kim at 714-200-5794 for consultation and appointment.

Body Waxing

Hydration Facial: Calms, hydrates, and soothes all skin types

Clinical Facial: Chemical peel from level 1-3 is customized for individuals' skin needs

Level 1: EXFOLIATING (no downtime)

Active Enzyme Peel: exfoliate and smooth; remove oil, dead skin, debris, and dirt; unclog pores and revive.
Green Apple Peel: luminous glow; remove oil and tighten skin while revealing golden radiant skin.
Pumpkin Peel: naturally firm; tighten and soften fine lines and wrinkles away with fresh pumpkin.
Beta 10 Herbal Masque: organic age renew; stimulate and boost collagen synthesis while firming and brightening.
Vitamin C Oxygen Peel: instant whitening, brighten and lighten with pure Vitamin C and Oxygen.
Lactic 20: hydrating acid for smooth and sensitive exfoliation.

Glycolic Peel 15: lift and firm, exfoliation for firmer and healthier skin

Level 2: RESURFACING (3 days downtime)
Salix 25: acne clear, effective treat and lift acne through the use of Willow bark extract.
Ageless Peel: fine lines and tighten; flake away fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening skin firmness and tone.
Purification Peel: acne resurfacing; lift off acne scars while removing deep underlying acne on the surface of the skin.
Glycolic Peel 20/30: lift and firm; exfoliation for firmer and healthier skin.
SLG/SLR: multi-layered peel; Jessner Peel with rich Willow bark, milk, and sugar peeling.

Level 3: DEEP PEELING (5 days downtime)

Blue Deep Sea Herbal Peel: flake away fine lines, pigmentation, scars, unwanted marks while strengthening skin firmness and tone.
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